Renewal Service Inc.

2600 5th St.

Rock Island, IL 61201


309-788-0639 (fax)


RSI offers several services to help keep you running more efficiently while saving your company money.

  • Pump part repairs & exchanges.
  • Most stock items can ship within 24 hrs.
  • Power end repair & exchange program.
  • Pattern development company.
  • Purchase excess inventory.


RSI parts repair process.

    RSI is capable of repairing most of your used alloy material parts. A significant percentage of casings (volutes) and stuffing box covers are thrown out without even considering having it repaired. We can weld most of these parts and machine them back to OEM specifications...saving a significant amount of money over buying new.

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Power-end repair

    Using your old used power-ends as cores, we can turn around replacement units usually within 24 hours. By trading in your old units, we are able to offer repair pricing to you and recycle whatever parts we can for use at a later date.

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Pattern developement company

    RSI is staying ahead of the curve by building a pattern library of the most used pump parts for the 21st Century. We can reverse engineer your OEM parts and make a pattern to pour it ourselves. This process can save huge amounts of money over buying OEM.

    We can also pour obsolete pump parts or non-pump related parts.


Purchase excess inventory

    RSI is one of the largest buyers of surplus and obsolete pumps and pump parts in North America. We employ several active spotters/buyers across the US and Canada to purchase parts at various auctions, plant closings, or inventory reductions. Contact us with your list of pumps and/or parts.

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